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QoTM: "If we fail to anticipate the unforeseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced."
Fox Mulder
It has been several years since I discovered Critical Mass, and even when I first found it, I tinkered with ship designs in the demo, despite not being able to actually play them. Now I have several designs that I've used and have proven themselves to me in battle. I make no gaurantees on these designs, of course, so if you take a Plectron to the head in one of them and complain about it, I'll just say you should have killed the other guy first. I do appreciate constructive criticism, however. There is a sort of story behind many of my designs, and that little work of imagination will be used to theme this page.

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Background Story
Two hundred years after He3 was first extracted from Sol's gas giants, the first Terran wormholes were opened, sending humanity across the galaxy. Within decades, colonies were being established and the United Federation of Stars was born. Seven inhabited solar systems collaborated in forming a tight knit political, economic, and military body. Fleets were established in each solar system, primarily to combat piracy and enforce UFS law. The second role of the UFS Fleets was that of communication. They acted as messengers, carrying diplomats, scientists, news network crews, and information across human space. Their third chartered purpose was to expand the Union by establishing forward outposts in inhabitable systems as a precursor to settlement.

After a further four colonies had begun to thrive, bringing UFS membership up to eleven systems, with fledgling colonies in a half dozen more, the fleet began launching exploration missions to far more distant stars in hopes of finding friendly spacefaring species with which to trade. Unfortunately, all these scouts found were wartorn solar systems and embattled asteroid settlements. Then they encountered a Straylian fleet, making first contact with an alien government. In short order, the Straylians and each of their enemies decided that the resources of the UFS would tip the balance in their favor and quickly began launching campaigns against the explorers, tracking survivors through their frantic jumps back toward UFS space.

The Battle of Serene
Serene was the ninth member of the United Federation of Stars. Its local government was formed on socialist ideology; the basic human needs were standardized, while the government encouraged entrepreneurs to develop a thriving industrial base. Though the two principles conflicted at times, curbing the optimistic dreams of the founding settlers, by the time the UFS reached its peak, Serene was competing with several of the older colonies in the areas of engine manufacture and sensor development. As a result, Serene had been a primary backer of thee UFS deep space expeditions, the majority of their newer ships being deployed on these long range scout missions.

Within weeks, the first hostile fleet actions took place. Serene, one of the youngest industrial solar systems was attacked when five medium and light squadrons of Straylian origin emerged near the system's vast asteroid belt. They had followed a single damaged Velociraptor, which had separated from its squadron to serve as a messenger. Lacking fighters, two wings of Ballista, as well as one wing made up of hastily completed Onagers and one Raptor were launched in a three pronged preemptive attack. Being primarily fighter-bombers used to attack pirate settlements, they launched salvo after salvo before closing with the enemy, inflicting moderate damage, though expending nearly half of their ordnance. The Straylian lead squadrons were composed of Bug and Drone class vessels, with Super Watchers commanding them. The majority of these expendable craft did not survive to make contact with the enemy, long range sensors precisely plotting all but the moderately stealthed officers for quick elimination.

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