The Scrapyard
QoTM: "If we fail to anticipate the unforeseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced."
Fox Mulder
Salvation 6:12 PM 2/23/2009
This is my first post on the index page of The Scrapyard. I am also co-owner of the website,

Legacy 12:12 PM 2/9/2009
First update of the new year, added a link to Malidus Online Services on the right, it's the webdesign outfit CSH-BDAWG a.k.a. Salvation works for. If you need a website designed, or are shopping for a template, head on over.

Going to start working on the Critical Mass content this week again, I do believe.

Legacy 12:05 PM 11/10/2008
Experimenting with a free content management system to make the news--the thing you're reading now--quicker to update. It's called CushyCMS, and works with any FTP-based web host. I'd like to eventually get it to the point where other members of our team can use it to edit the news and content that they are responsible for. Otherwise, site maintenance will continue as always, but hopefully we'll have a bit more progress in terms of content.

P.S. Apparantly, the xhtml validator has also changed in the last year, and I've brought all active pages back up to the transitional standard.

Legacy 4:45 PM 3/30/2007
The menus have been tweaked, and I'm working on taking pictures of my Critical Mass ships and Slay and StarCraft maps. I'm still trying to devise content for other sections at the moment. Doesn't necessarily help that I'm writing this update in a sheep barn with no internet access.

Legacy 12:11 AM 3/15/2007
The page is up in its final form, but menus are still being adjusted, content pages assembled, and typos being spotted. Click on my name above to send me any comments, suggestions, or submissions to the site. If you're submitting anything, be sure to include how you want to be credited(name, email address, screen name, etc.). I can't reply from this address due to issues with my mail server, but the inbox is fully functional. If I need to get a hold of you, I'll find a way. Pages functional so far: StarCraft links, index.htm(you are here!).
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